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There is no news at the moment.

Blog and Wiki

We are experimenting with a few new technologies to communicate with members and other interested parties. Links to the blog and wiki are at the bottom of every page.

Photo Gallery and Collaboration

Photos are now available at the Singapore Hash House Harriets Group. This is a restricted group to ensure photos are kept private to members of the Hash. To join the group you need to:

  1. Logon with a Windows Live ID.
  2. If you have a hotmail address, this is already a Live ID. For other email addresses, you can attach a Live ID using the sign up page.

    Editor's note:  we know there are some concerns with using Windows Live Services to host these photos requiring authentication using Windows Live ID.  We remind members that it is their choice whether to go to the effort to join this group.  However, we cannot compromise the privacy of our members and this service met our requirements of free photo hosting, locked to members only, with an opt-in process.  We are aware there are alternative competing services we could have used.  Microsoft's privacy policy regarding Live ID is published here.

  3. Request permission to join the group. Please let us know your hash and real names when you request access (in the request access message box), since the default Windows Live ID privacy setting means we don't see your name when you join the group.

If you need help, see Sneaky Comer at a run.