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Hints on Hashing

or how to organize a run and win friends at the same time . . .

The Run

It is every Hasher's responsibility to call out the status of the trail.

1. 'On-On': When on trail, shout 'On-On' every 100 meters or so. There should be a chain of 'On-On's' being called all the way down the line of runners.

2. Do not call 'On-On' unless you are on trail. Do not call 'On-On' when shortcutting.

3. 'Checking': At a check (T or circle check), fan out and look for the new trail. If you hear 'Are you?' shout 'Checking' in reply until you find the trail. The appropriate response when the trail is found would then be 'On-On'.

4. Close Checks: If you locate the direction of the T or circle check, 'close/break' the check with a directional marker of paper/flour/chalk. The sweeping Hare should facilitate this.

Before Setting a Run

1. Secure the assistance of an experienced co-hare. Be sure s/he knows the run and can take over in case of illness.

2. Plan and recce the run 3-5 weeks in advance. A good run normally requires four (or so) recces. The object of the Hares is to provide 50-60 runners with 45-60 minutes of interesting running over varied terrain, with the entire pack finishing within 20 minutes of each other. No one should get lost.

a. Check whether you need the owner's permission to use any part of the run's area (i.e. Orchards, markets, gardens, kampongs).

b. Do not lay a trail across a golf course.

c. Do not lay a trail ACROSS graves. Give due respect.

d. Jungle areas are great for run, but it is forbidden to swim in the reservoirs. The fine is $1000/person, not to mention the crocodiles.

e. Avoid crossing the main roads. If essential, do so using bridges or traffic lights and mark the trail clearly.

f. Identify someone to 'sweep' the trail for slower runners and to break the checks.


A final walk around the route averages about 2 hours for a 4-5 mile/6.5K run.

In May/November, when there are early sunsets, the run should not be longer then 3.5 mile/5.5K.


Ensure there is sufficient parking for 30-40 cars, PLUS a beer wagon. Avoid narrow streets and residential areas if possible.


Advise the On-Sec where the area of the run will be to avoid clashes with other Hares and Hashes. Advise the On-Sec of map reference two weeks in advance.

Laying the Trail

1. Mark your run site clearly with the Hash signs.

2. Lay the trail from your car or obvious area so that the pack does not have to search for the beginning of the trail.

3. Start to lay your trail at least two hours before the start of your run.

4. Where possible, use flour and chalk to lay the trail, keeping paper to a minimum.

5. Keep your IN and OUT trails well separated to avoid eager over-achievers stumbling on your HOME trails while checking the OUT trail. If the IN and OUT trails are close to each other, lay the HOME trail half-an-hour AFTER the start of the run to ensure the pack is not nearby. Ideally, your run will describe a circle.

6. An abundance of loops and Back Checks will keep everyone together!


The purpose of checks is to allow the back of the pack to catch up with the front-runners. Anticipate 4-6 checks per run.

1. Indicate a CHECK clearly with a large burst of flour, a circle of flour/paper or write CHECK in chalk.

2. The trail should re-start no more then 150 meters from the CHECK in open country (100 metres in bush).

3. FALSE TRAILS should not exceed 100 meters. They end without a burst, the trail just fades out. A FALSE TRAIL means to go back to the last check and start looking again.

4. BACK CHECKS are signified with a T. A BACK CHECK means go back to the last area of trail and check for another intersection.

5. Never lay a CHECK on private property or near a main road. No CHECKS within a half-mile of the finish. No CHECKS after dark.

The On-On

Arrange a suitable place that won't mind a horde of sweaty Hashers descending on it for food and drink. The cost of the On-On should be no more than $15/person for food and the same for beer, per jug. Ask someone to collect money at each table.

Keys and Guests

Keys (collected by the Hares at beginning of the run) are the only means of checking that everyone returned safely. All Hashers are responsible for any passengers in their car. If you arrive by taxi, be sure someone knows you are running. Do not turn back from a run without informing someone, you may be thought lost, and search parties will be sent out.

Guests are also the Hashing host's responsibility. Ensure your guest pays Guest Fees. Guest Fees apply whether or not your Guest participates in the actual run and does/doesn't drink alcohol.

Under no circumstances should children be brought to the run.

HAPPY HASHING!! . . . (author unknown, someone own up please?)