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Information for Visiting Hashers

We welcome visitors from other hashes, there is no need to let us know you are coming in advance unless there are a lot of you (say more than 5). If there are a lot of you coming we need to ask our beer van to bring more refreshments. You can contact the onsec by email.

So you know what to expect and what to bring, this is how our Wednesday evening runs normally go:

  1. Some members and our beer van are normally at the run site by about 5:30pm. You will be able to persuade one of our members with a car to store your bag, failing that the beer van is attended through the evening so it is safe to leave a bag and valuables there.
  2. Our assistant hash cash will start collecting visitors fees as soon as she arrives, probably by 5:45pm so have money ready to pay before the run. For those we miss, payment can also be made after the run and before the circle. We will collect your hash name and home hash for announcement in the circle.
  3. The run commences at 6pm with the GM asking everyone to gather around for short instructions. Virgins are introduced, and men reminded that they cannot ever be the front runner. Men are allowed to check at T and circle checks but MUST clearly call checking when doing so, and MUST call "I need a woman" when they find trail. Failure to do so will be punished in the circle.
  4. There is no chalk talk, we use T (back) checks and circle checks. T means go back and look for trail (you may have to pass and pick up 200m of trail), and circle means look in 360 degrees.  We normally use toilet paper, baking flour, and chalk as trail marks.
  5. Singapore can be very wet and muddy and normally on our runs you will encounter a lot of shiggy. Be prepared to get muddy and wet. Wading through streams is not unknown.  Your new running shoes will get trashed.
  6. Our runs are usually around 1 hour.
  7. Our runs are nearly always A to A (we return to the run site we started from).
  8. After cooling down and hydrating (we offer water, 100 plus which is an isotonic drink, various other sodas, beer, and wine) most people wash up and change (discretely) in the car park.  Lately, the beer van has been erecting a "shower screen" for the ladies to wash in privacy.  People bring their own water to wash with. One way to do this as a visitor is go to a 7-eleven (they are everywhere) or a gas station and buy 2-3 litre bottles of water, which should be enough. If you are caught short the beer van might have some water.
  9. Circles are of course informal, people wear shorts/skirts, hash shirt, and flip-flops or sandals normally. If you bring these, a towel from your hotel, and a bag to put your wet gear in, you will be fine. Some of our visitors simply stay in their running gear for the circle, but on really muddy days that can be a little uncomfortable. Singapore is normally very warm so you are unlikely to get cold.
  10. The circle starts about 7:50 or 8:00pm and goes for no more than one hour (usually about 45 minutes).
  11. After the circle the on on is usually nearby (or on site). If nearby, ask for help with transport, usually one of the members with a car can transport you. The on on (food and drinks) is NOT included in your guest fee, normally food is $12 but can be up to $25, drinks in Singapore can be expensive.
  12. Budget: taxi to and from allow $50, $20/$25 guest fees, $12 on on and $10 drinks. $150 will be more than enough.
  13. Other things to bring: mosquito spray - since we are often near water, you are well advised to put some mosquito spray on. This is sold in Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, and often in 7-eleven.